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By Andy Hallett

That's what he said. On his own words...

May 2007. Read More Here

London, June 2005.

-- Magazine Interview, 2005. Paul Simpson.

Starfury Not Fade Away Convention, London. 2006

Interview by Abbie Bernstein. 2004.

  Abbie Bernstein Interview. 2004

Abbie Bernstein Interview. 2004

Abbie Bernstein Interview.

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"He thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager" Wayne Champman

Time flies. A month passed by since I last wrote in here. Life's been busy and bright! But I am sure you don't want to read about me, but to know about Andy and my life around him. I actually have few things to share but first things first. Few days ago I got an email from Wayne He shared his photo with Andy and the memories on that moment, I just love so much when this happens!! The photo was taken at the Buffy Posting Board Party in L.A. in 2001 . "Andy was such a delight! I told him I thought it was Quentin Tarantino under all that makeup the first time I saw Lorne on Angel, and he thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager, who was also there that night. " Wayne Chapman. Thank you Wayne for sharing this with me and all Andy fans. What an awesome photo and moment!

The Dream I had last night.

I had a dream tonight. I fall asleep at a foreign bed, I woke up into another reality. Everything was so bright, so clean, so peaceful. I went out of the bedroom. I heard a water sound on the room next door. I looked out the doorstep and there you were. Big smile, full of joy and looking like you were never gone. When I woke up I could only remember how much I miss you. The peace your smile always provides me, real or not. Thank you these magic moments. Real or not.

When I thought I was going to have a heart attack! 💚

It happened.  I never thought it would. Ok, that's not exactly like that. I expected to happen sometime but I completely forgot It could happen. I was too focus on my career (again), on my family on my present, on my pure joy of living today and not the past or present that I completely forgot something else could happen. Beautiful wonders of Internet. But I tell you something, past always knocks on you when you least expect. It always happen. A very lovely lady contacted through Instagram. This site's Instagram. She told she found my site and liked it.  She is friend of Andy's mum, Laurie. She also told me Laurie knew about this site (😱). If you are suscribed to this site (and are part of Facebook and/or Andy Hallett Online Community ) you might have read already about this. I needed to share here because it's been over a week since it happened, my emotions are back to normal, I have calm down and I can see how much of a shock that was. S